[CT Birds] Barred Owl???

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It could very well have been. I've seen them in daylight before - most notably, one bathing in marsh water along the side of a road; it flew up into the evergreens when I walked by (this was about mid-afternoon in the fall). I'm sure there's some seed on the ground that attracts chipmunks, and that in turn may have attracted the owl.
~ Tammy Eustis, Chester

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Came home today at 4:50 pm, took bag of bird seed over towards hopperfeeder to refill it when I saw a large bird fly from the ground and perchonto oak tree branch.Went around towards tree to observe - bird had round head - went back tocar to get binocs.Bird flew out of oak away from me but it was brown and large - larger thana red-tailed hawk - smaller than bald eagle.Lost it as it flew away - no chance for binoc visual but it did had a roundhead and was largeCould it had been a Barred Owl???Marty in Woodbury_______________________________________________This list is provided by the Connecticut Ornithological Association (COA) for the discussion of birds and birding in Connecticut.For subscription information visit http://lists.ctbirding.org/mailman/listinfo/ctbirds_lists.ctbirding.org

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