[CT Birds] CACC

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 17:21:45 EDT 2012

9/12 Milford, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center,  10AM-1PM,. high tide
65-79F sunny.
At 10:35, one osprey was on the perch without fish. It remained there til
11:30 and then flew off.
At 12:20 a Belted Kingfisher was on the osprey perch and remained there and
then perching on camera a bit later.  Tree swallows, Blue Jay, catbirds,
cardinals, mockingbirds, house sparrows, a House wren were on the grounds,
as well as many monarchs and dragonflies.
In the marsh 1 D.C. Cormorant, 4 Mute swans, 1 Norther Harrier patrolling,
2 Snowy Egrets, 2 Great Egrets. A visitor reported a white rumped sandpiper
north of the bar along with semi palmated sandpipers, plovers, sanderlings,
ruddy turnstones around 9:45AM.
Beverly Propen, Orange

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