[CT Birds] Slow Shorebirding (again)- No Western at Milford

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Wed Sep 12 17:57:09 EDT 2012

Another painfully slow day Shorebirding today. I started at Milford at  
8:00 am and looked hard for the Western Sandpiper that Patrick Comins  
found yesterday. It was just after high tide and most of the  
shorebirds were on the cross over beach. Tina Green was just leaving  
when I was arriving and she didn't find the Western or the Marbled  
Godwit that was reported yesterday.

I just started scanning the flock of Shorebirds on the wrack line,  
when they all suddenly scattered. I figured a Harrier was skirting the  
beach, but instead an immy Peregrine had made a quick pass at the  
birds. It landed on the beach to the west and some of the shorebirds  
returned to the same spot while the rest of them flew off to the west  
to the river.

Scanning through the small group of Shorebirds didn't turn up the  
Western, but I did get a bit excited when I found a Semi-palmated  
Sandpiper with an unusally long-'ish' bill. I was about to take a  
picture of it when the Falcon made another pass scattering all the  
shorebirds. They wheeled around and returned again.

Walking down the beach to the west there were no shorebirds on the  
main beach, but a small flock of Sanderlings, 1 Willet, and 2  
Oystercatcher on the outer sand bar in the river. 1 Brant was present  
too. A single Bonaparte's Gull showed up and landed on the small  
exposing sand bar a bit to the north. Small groups of Terns were  
feeding in the river and perched on the breakwater; I didn't spend too  
much time looking through the Terns, but most appeared to be Commons.

The few small flocks of shoreirds that left earlier that morning flew  
back to join the group of Shorebirds near the cross-over beach. There  
was 1 White-rumped Sandpiper in the flock as well as a transitional  
plumage Dunlin. There were a few Yellow-rumped Warblers flying through  
the scrubby bushes on the beach.

  On the beach near the cross-over there were:
20 Semi-palmated Sandpiper
15 Least Sandpiper
30 Semi-palmated Plover
1 White-rumped Sandpiper
1 Sanderling
1 Dunlin
2 Ruddy Turnstone
3 Oystercatcher

1 imm Peregrine

on the western sandbars in the river-

75+ Sanderling
2 Oystercatcher
1 Willet
1 Bonaparte's Gull
1 Brant
50 Terns (apperaed to be all Common)

I made a quick stop by Sandy Point on the way home, it was empty:

1 Greater Yellowlegs
1 CLapper Rail
1 Semi-palmated Plover
1 Willet

Keith Mueller

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