[CT Birds] Boothe Park 9/12

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 19:03:07 EDT 2012

 Thanks to Bill Banks, Steve Foisey, Charlie Barnard, Tom Murray, and Penny
Solum plus more visitors for observations from 8:45-12:00 today. There were
a couple of bursts but it was slow, as expected, as we return to a
southerly flow ahead of a cold front that we can hope passes through
quickly Friday night. It may be too slow and make Saturday somewhat slow
too as a Canadian high creeps in for us, but we'll see. Cold fronts are
helpful and part of the equation, but remember, it's the subsequent air
mass and its placement/strength that often matters more (see earlier this

Boothe Park Hawk Watch, Stratford 9/12 -- 46 diurnal raptors including 17
Osprey, 1 Bald Eagle, 16 Sharp-shinned Hawk, 3 Cooper's Hawk, 1
Broad-winged Hawk, 3 American Kestrel, 3 Peregrine Falcon, 1 UA, 1 UB.
Continued minimal diurnal passerine movement, but Ruby-throated
Hummingbirds were getting out with 13 of the 17 noted on the move coming in
the last hour. One COMMON RAVEN flew by low and Bill spotted one RED BAT.

Check out the Boothe Park HMANA page for more information including
directions (I'll catch up with entries, busy!):

Scott Kruitbosch
Stratford, CT

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