[CT Birds] Ultimate Atlantic Pelagic trip

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Thu Sep 13 07:49:05 EDT 2012

Here in the Northesast (as well as other coastal areas of this  
country) we enjoy seabirding trips. New England, New York and Jersey,  
North Carolina, California and Washington state all have seasonal  
seabird specialties, and judging by their schedules are very  
successful. Since most of our normal scheduled 'pelagic' bird trips  
are one day affairs, there are a few overnight and two-day trips  
available like the monumental BBC record-breaking two day trip last  

Since 'pelagic' basically means living on the open ocean far from  
land, most of the overnight trips would certainly qualify as true  
'pelagic bird' trips. I think of the day trips as 'seabirding  
adventures' instead of a true pelagic trip considering the distance  
from land that the vessel travels for the day.

We all get caught up in 'birding correctness and protocol', but in the  
big picture, it doesn't matter what these trips are called, its the  
great birding that is experienced on the boats that make them so  
compelling. If you are interested in reading about the ultimate  
pelagic birding trip, than this is for you (don't forget your Bonine  
or Dramamine):


Wow; this is a pelagic trip!!

Keith Mueller

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