[CT Birds] Dark-eyed Junco

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Margaret, while the bulk of Juncos are still to come, we start seeing
migrants come through Bluff Point in Groton in the first or second week of
September. So some are already passing into and through CT, (had a few this
week at Bluff) so that's on schedule so-to-speak. In the next couple of
weeks they will become increasingly numerous at Bluff Point on good days and
they will number in the hundreds some mornings. They put on quite a show,
only the White-throated Sparrow flood (easily exceeding a thousand on good
days) that will start in earnest around the first week of October will out
do them at Bluff (with regard to Sparrow species that is).


Dave Provencher

Naturally New England
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This morning in shrubs along my driveway in Danbury - male Dark-eyed Junco.
The earliest I've ever seen one by at least 3 weeks.  Anyone else seeing
them?  Can this be more confirmation of an irruption?

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