[CT Birds] The Junco

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 14 15:30:51 EDT 2012

I just need to mention, on your last post Dave, you comment that
the Junco will be coming down in such and such a date. However,We all should 
 that the Junco is a resident in the Northern parts of our State. We see them 
all year round
up here. I just don't like to see mention of a bird topic on this site
that's as if the southern part of CT and its birds are all their is
about birds in CT. Your surely not the only one who does this Dave, but we up 
in northern CT want to have our area recognized for our birds just as well as 

mentioned in the southern parts. Hope we all can understand that when we post 
CT birds on this site.

Paul Carrier

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