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North, south, east or west, I will say this, according to Luke Tiller we're gonna have some serious BW kettles tomorrow at Quaker Ridge/Audubon Greenwich. I will be there, Please join us!

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> We all know that there are nothing but crows and robins in the northern part of the state and that the southern part clearly has the best birds.  :-p
> Just doing my part to incite a birder civil war.
> -Mike
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> You know Paul I almost mentioned in my reply that Juncos do breed in CT, but
> the original post was from a part of the state where, to my knowledge at
> least, Juncos don't breed. Additionally, since virtually 100% of Dark-eyed
> Juncos breed outside of CT, it is probably correct to assume the bird in
> question is a migrant rather than a resident. I in no way consider the
> northern part of CT separate from the southern part, it's  just I live in
> the southern part and that's where I bird when I bird. As you know, my
> natural history interests extend well beyond birds, and I have always been
> jealous of the treasures the northern part of the state holds in the form of
> reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies, topography, and more. In
> many ways the northern parts of CT are dearer to my heart than much of
> southern CT. So if I in anyway made you think otherwise, I offer my humblest
> apologies. Few things were further from my mind when I made that post.
> And I for one would love to see more posts on CTBirds from the northern
> parts of the state!
> Dave Provencher
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> I just need to mention, on your last post Dave, you comment that
> the Junco will be coming down in such
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