[CT Birds] Juvenile Hummingbirds Still in Southbury

Judith E Stevens judithestevens at charter.net
Sun Sep 16 11:05:37 EDT 2012

Every day this month (August as well) I've seen three, sometimes four, juvenile ruby-throated 
hummers on the Cardinal Flowers, the Coral Salvia, the black and blue salvia and anything 
else they can get their tongues into. There is a pecking order - alpha (probably a male 
because a few bearded streaks on its throat) attacking the others. They play, fly together, and have 
a wonderful time. Even love entering the garden when the sprinkler is on. 
Adults have been gone for several weeks. Hope these young birds fill up and have successful flights. 
Judith Stevens 
Heritage Village 
Southbury, CT 

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