[CT Birds] LIghthouse Point Park Sunday - 295 Hawks

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 16 20:15:39 EDT 2012

295 raptors today but the light NW winds were not strong enough to push Broad-wings over us.  We had a grand total of 6 during 10.5 hours of coverage today.
Other migrants:  GB Heron 3, Great Egret 1, LITTLE BLUE HERON (imm) 1, Com Raven 1, Chimney Swift 78, Tree Swallow 400, CLIFF SWALLOW 4+, RT Hummingbird 22, Ced Waxwing 258, Bobolink 188, Palm Warbler 18, Am Redstart 1, unid. warbler 5, BG Gnatcatcher 3, Purple Finch 42, Am Goldfinch 62
I had a couple warblers at dawn so I knew Bluff Point would be outstanding today!
Steve Mayo

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