[CT Birds] Quaker Ridge - 723 Raptor - Philly and WE Vireos

streatham2003 at aol.com streatham2003 at aol.com
Mon Sep 17 16:53:18 EDT 2012

Hi All,

A better than one might have hoped for day at the watch after the winds had switched to the south early. Over a third of the birds in the 10-11 hour as predicted but a few birds until late afternoon. Not much on the deck - I guess the flight Saturday night had flushed a lot of birds through. Highlights were a nice Philly Vireo and the continuing White-eyed (slightly less tailess). Apart from that just a smattering of warblers and two Lincoln's Sparrows.

Not imagining tomorrow will be all that great for hawkwatching ;)

Luke Tiller, Greenwich

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