[CT Birds] CACC

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 19:02:44 EDT 2012

9/19 Milford, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center,  10AM-1PM, low tide
rising, sunny, windy,(after storm) 65-70F.  Viewed from windows facing
On the marsh were 6 Snowy Egrets, 4 Great Egrets, 7 D.C.Cormorants,
4 Mute swans, 5 American black ducks, 7 Semipalmated Plovers,
a Northern harrier cruising by,
 and at 10:05AM , 1 Osprey flying west to east.

This afternoon, In my backyard in Orange, I watched the skies for a bit,
observing 3 "hawks" spaced apart, flying over, but my skills at flying
hawks ID are not good. However I must say that the wispy clouds were
magnificent to watch.
Also there have been 2 Black & white warblers (not common for my yard)
pre-storm and post storm, flitting about in the trees.
Beverly Propen, Orange

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