[CT Birds] Riverside Park pond

Jamie Meyers ctredbird2 at comcast.net
Sun Sep 23 12:21:09 EDT 2012

>From Jamie Meyers and Jay Kaplan:
Hartford, Riverside Park pond -- 1 AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER, 1 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER (good inland) and several PECTORAL SANDPIPERS remain, along with a cast of characters similar to those posted in recent days.

There was more water in the pond than on Friday due to the overnight rain, and that concentrated the shorebirds more, making them easier to spot.  There were also more egrets and herons than I've seen recently, no doubt due to the relative quiet.

Further note on the Manchester CT Warbler -- Jay and I located the bird around 8:20 or so about 100 yards shy of the spot where the toy Jeep is.  The place is like a maze and despite Tim's detained instructions it was easy to get lost.  The bird was singing of its own volition in the undergrowth as we passed, else we would have walked right past it.  That was an unexpected and entirely fortuitous event.  Sara detailed what happened next in her note already.  The only sickness that occurred was experienced by those who missed seeing the bird the first time it popped back out.  Despite this being an unusually cooperative individual, it's still a Connecticut Warbler, after all.  Knowing the chip note, which to me sounded like a cross between that of a waterthrush and yellowthroat (both of which were present at this location, Northern in the case of the former) is quite helpful.

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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