[CT Birds] Purple Finches

Tricia Reid reidtri at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 14:15:44 EDT 2012

Is any-one else in the NE corner seeing a LOT more Purple Finches this
year?  In previous years I'd be lucky if I saw one, this year I have at
least four females and two males coming regularly to my feeders.  More Gold
Finches this year too, but not as unusual as the other.
Haven't seen a hummer in about a week, but I'll leave the feeders up for
one more week in case there are any stragglers.  I'm still seeing one or
two Great Egrets and one or two Great Blues on my local pond (they don't
seem territorial with each other), perhaps they'll winter here.
Tricia Reid
Mansfiel Center
reidtri at gmail.com

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