[CT Birds] Belated Lighthouse Park Migration Fest Report

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 25 21:53:30 EDT 2012

Back on September 23, we tallied an even 400 diurnal raptors, including 24 Osprey, 5 Bald eagle, 4 N Harrier, 171 Sharpies, 28 Coops, 21 Broad-wings, 115 Am Kestrel, 4 ML, 7 Peregrines, 21 unk.  Resident Red-shouldered and Red-taileds were among the uncountables, (including a Merlin and another Bald eagle), and of course some captive visitors, (Eagle Owl, Harris's Hawk, Gyrfalcon, etc.).   

Also, from the hawkwatch site alone, there were 2 Gr Egret, 9 RT Hummingbird, 139 Chimney Swift, 11 Barn Swallow, 40 Tree Swallow, 250+ Blue Jay (in the Park), 2 Com Nighthawk, 40 DC Cormorant, 185 Cedar Waxwing, 44 Purple Finch, 2 Com Nighthawk, 5 Palm Warbler, 1 prob. Nashville Warbler, 20 Am Goldfinch and others.

Thanks to Ranger Dan Barvir and others who made last Sunday's Festival a great success.

Steve Mayo

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