[CT Birds] CTWA - 10 days

Edward Dettore ctbirding at mail.com
Wed Sep 26 21:13:27 EDT 2012

After comparing the photo I took on the 16th with the ones I took on the 25th, and with the ones Joseph Cala posted, it appears to be the same bird. When looking at the right side of the bird, you can see a mark in the eye ring at the 9:00 position. I know this isn't definitive, but, it is probably more likely than 2 CTWAs stopping at the same spot. I know warblers stop to, "load up", for a few days, when migrating; but, is 10 days too long?

 By the way, Jonah Cohen, it was me you met tonight at the marsh, sorry for not introducing myself, I can be a birdbrain sometimes (pun intended). I have seen a Blackpoll Warbler for several days now, including tonight. I haven't seen the Blackburnian, someone else had seen one a day or two agao.

 The pics of the CTWA are linked below, 1 from the 16th, and 1 from the 25th.



 Ed Dettore

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