[CT Birds] CTWA - 10 days

mtdcon at comcast.net mtdcon at comcast.net
Thu Sep 27 07:20:40 EDT 2012

I read Ed's 10-days question with interest, as my husband and I are certain we saw the same bird, in the same location, on two different 
occasions in August. I know the CT warbler is way out of our range, but is it possible he's been hanging around for that long? I'd 
love to hear some opinions on this. 
Jean, East Hartford 

[CT Birds] CTWA - 10 days 
Edward Dettore ctbirding at mail.com 
Wed Sep 26 21:13:27 EDT 2012 

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After comparing the photo I took on the 16th with the ones I took on the 25th, and with the ones Joseph Cala posted, it appears to be the same bird. When looking at the right side of the bird, you can see a mark in the eye ring at the 9:00 position. I know this isn't definitive, but, it is probably more likely than 2 CTWAs stopping at the same spot. I know warblers stop to, "load up", for a few days, when migrating; but, is 10 days too long?

 By the way, Jonah Cohen, it was me you met tonight at the marsh, sorry for not introducing myself, I can be a birdbrain sometimes (pun intended). I have seen a Blackpoll Warbler for several days now, including tonight. I haven't seen the Blackburnian, someone else had seen one a day or two agao.

 The pics of the CTWA are linked below, 1 from the 16th, and 1 from the 25th. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/107605353618421013589/albums/5727665918721749121/5788829109644335298 https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/107605353618421013589/albums/5727665918721749121/5792655553096849410 Ed Dettore 

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