[CT Birds] Rocky Hill Meadows

Tim Antanaitis timant123 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 29 20:35:18 EDT 2012

>From Tim Antanaitis:  9/29/12 - Rocky Hill Meadows -- 2 LINCOLN'S SPARROWS, ~40 AMERICAN PIPITS,
Roy - I'm sorry if I didn't do that in the right format - it's been a while.
I was there from 3:30 - 6:00.  There were a lot of deep puddles on the road that I didn't risk taking my low car
through.  The Lincoln's Sparrows were with a few Swamp and Song Sparrows and Indigo Buntings near a cement
wall with "Again?" painted on it.  I caught a brief look at what could have been a Blue Grosbeak in the corn near 2
burned cars on the side of the road - near the mentioned cement wall - it appeared large-billed and larger than the
female Indigo Buntings.  The pipits were flying near a sharp turn with a Keep Out sign and a gate with a blank white
sign on it - this might be the hotspot where some good stuff showed up while I was away during the summer (Thanks
to Claire for pointing that out to me).  A few minutes before the flock of pipits went by a single pipit landed on the
railing 10 feet away from me.  The Solitary Sandpiper was with 1 Least Sandpiper and 10 Killdeer near the model
airplane field - that was it for shorebirds. 
After my summer vacation, I'm trying to see if I can get 400 species in the US for the year, which I've never done
before.  The LISP and AMPI were 379 and 380, so I'll try for 20 more before the end of the year.  Four that I am
missing that aren't "reportable" are Saltmarsh Sparrow, Bank Swallow, Canada Warbler, and Nashville Warbler. 
Are these species still around somewhere in CT?
Tim Antanaitis

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