[CT Birds] Colebrook - in for a surprise!

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Wed Oct 3 11:32:28 EDT 2012

What made me go to Colebrook this rainy morning I don't know, but was I ever 
in for a surprise! I drove through the rain, got there at 9:00. just before the 
reservoir entrance, the rain stopped and the fog lifted. As I drove north on the 
lower rd,
I encountered separate pockets of birds on the wooded side. The place was 

I found these pockets of birds in the dead bushes, with most being on or just
above the ground feeding from the profuse weedy plants growing under them. 
Giving a quick pish, many popped up into view. Here is what i saw...

1st pocket:
counted 56 Pine Siskin, but were many more - 
Many Goldfinch as well - 
5- Swamp Sparrow
many Song Sparrow
3 - Lincoln's Sparrow
so many White-t-Sparrow I stopped counting them - 
12 - Junco - also stopped counting after 12 - 
12 - Yellow-r-Warbler - stopped counting after this - 
1 BT Blue Warbler
5 - BT Green Warbler
4 - Palm Warbler

2nd pocket:
Just before the Mass line:
Kestrel chasing the many Junco 
30 plus more Pine Siskin on, near ground, with more
flying about within the woods.
Goldfinch many
Very many Sparrows - 
I did not count the Songs, White Throats, Chipping Sparrows
but was looking for other stuff within.
5 - Lincoln Sparrow
1- Possible Clay-colored on road with Chippers, but did not get a long enough 
many Yellow-rumped Warbler
many Palm Warbler
many Yellow throat
15 - Purple Finch flew over
5 - Golden crowned Kinglet
1 - Ruby crowned Kinglet
2 -Towhee
Many Grackles at edge of woods - not often seen here.

My thoughts were - I sure could have used HELP!

These pockets continued over the Mass line, with the biggest one as the 
road entered the woods - great stuff but will not mention here.

The reservoir itself was the most dead i ever saw it. No shore birds, no ducks
no Herons - not a bird cept one lone Common Loon.

On my way out - talked to a worker there. Said he had a Male Moose
at the waters edge 10 mins ago across from the boat launch. I did not see it!

note: Saw 8 Lincoln's Sparrow today. That beats my 7 daily record total of years 
ago. Has this
been a banner year here in CT for this Sparrow? Would like to hear from you off 
if you agree.

Paul Carriwer - Harwinton

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