[CT Birds] Pair of Kings Bluff

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Andy Griswold and I led a CT Audubon Ecotravel trip to Block Island last weekend and were amazed with the number of Belted Kingfishers present (c. 20)- makes you realize that while many migrants are heading to the neotropics, there's a lot of regional migration taking place too which often goes unnoticed (or certainly less discussed).

Joe Bear

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Looking out over Niantic Bay from the office window I noticed two small birds on the rocks off shore. Assuming Terns I grabbed the bins we keep near the windows and discovered they were in fact a pair of Kingfishers. Now it isn't all that unusual to see Kingfishers along the coast, especially when inland water courses and bodies are frozen over, but seeing them where and when Terns are more likely was a bit of a reminder that fall is truly getting on. The woods around my place in Norwich was full of migrants this morning, mostly of the group we call sparrows, but there definitely is a shift of Chickadees happening this year. On my hikes across the White Mountains a couple of weekends ago I noted Boreal Chickadees a little lower on the slopes than I usually find them. Okay, maybe just wishful thinking, but as often as I see and hear Boreal Chickadees in NH, I'd really love to find one in CT.

Watching the ever changing mirage that is the forecasted weather, it looks like we may have a good set up for Bluff happening early next week. I'll post if a good day looms.


David Provencher

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