[CT Birds] Blackpoll, N. Stonington

Julie Keefer julie.keefer at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 19:19:21 EDT 2012

Found a bird sitting in my yard this evening in North Stonington.  It was
obviously a warbler.  It couldn't fly, but it could kind of flutter/hop.  I
was able to encourage it to go into the woods where it at least had a
better chance of finding a spot to hide. I have no idea what may have
happened to it, it looked ok.  I was able to get really close to it and
examine it, it is always amazing to realize how really small these birds
are!   I wasn't sure what it was at first, Orange-crowned and Pine went
through my mind but it didn't look right.  It had 2 slightly yellow wing
bars, streaking on its back/sides, a black eye stripe through a broken
white eye ring, was sort of an olive/yellowish color in general, and had a
sharp black bill.  It had some white in its wings/tail too.  When I looked
it up, it pretty much looked exactly like the picture of a first winter
Blackpoll Warbler in my Sibley.  Nothing else looked right.  If anyone has
suggestions on what else it could be, please let me know!

Julie Keefer
North stonington

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