[CT Birds] Meriden/Wallingford area birding

Mark Barriger Whitewash88 at live.com
Sat Oct 6 16:44:11 EDT 2012

Chapman-Sinoway Park in North Haven (Upper State Street) - The highlight was a dozen Indigo Buntings all in various plumages viewed all at once, never seen so many in one small area. Other then that we had Nashville, Yellow-rumped, and Norther Parula as well as numerous Common Yellowthroats. 

Wallingford Open Space in Wallingford ( parking lot is on Cheshire Rd maybe a few tenths of a mile from School House Rd) - Highlights would be a White-crowned Sparrow, Yellow-breasted Chat, Wilson & Nashville Warbler, a few Blue-headed Vireos,  Chimney Swifts, and  Purple Finch. Plenty of Eastern Phoebes around here and we got our fill of Palm Warblers. The little pond here had two Solitary Sandpipers and a single Greater Scaup.

Fresh Meadows in Cheshire (Cook Hill Rd) If you like Bluebirds swing on by. We birded this area for a good couple hrs and the whole time Bluebirds were calling and flying back and forth. At one point we had 15 at once but birds were coming and going and no doubt there were more. We also had a Yellow Warbler and more Purple Finch here as well as both Kinglets.

Wallingford Community Gardens - All was quiet in the gardens as far as Sparrows but we did find a Blue Grosbeak. Osprey, American Kestrels, Harrier, Red-tailed & Red-shouldered Hawks were over head as well as plenty of Tree Swallows. 

Bishops Pond in Meriden (Research Parkway) - Plenty of American Wigeon, both Teal, a single Northern Pintail & Shoveler, and Wood Ducks. 

Good birding,


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