[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point HW, 10-5-12 A day that shouldn't have happened.

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Sat Oct 6 18:24:00 EDT 2012

When I headed for New Haven this AM I didn't expect much, maybe  30 or 40 
birds if I was lucky. Everyone knows that strong northwest winds are  the 
best for our hawkwatch, and today the forecast, which turned out to be  
correct, was for light  to moderate southwest winds. When I got in the  park, 
before 7 AM it was just getting light, but as I drove up the road toward  our 
tables I spotted 4 birds, circling and diving on each other. I was pretty  sure 
I knew what, but I stopped in the middle of the road, grabbed my bins and  
jumped out to look. Sure enough, 4 Peregrine Falcons! And the first hour I 
had a  total of 17, more than I ever remember hearing of in an hour and 
usually more  than on a good day. The day's, total was 64, a number that I'm not 
sure we  have ever been reached before.
The overall total for the day was 358 raptors, including 107 Am. Kestrels,  
27 Merlins, and 121 Sharp-shinned Hawks. Interestingly, not a single  buteo.
A good though not exceptional total overall, but great given the  
expectations. Perhaps a week of generally lousy weather had them bottled up and  they 
just had to fly!
Don Morgan
Coventry, Ct

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