[CT Birds] Laurel marsh from last weekend

John Flynn flynnjohn at me.com
Sun Oct 7 01:05:33 EDT 2012

Saw the post from Mary covello and thought I'd let everyone know that I did see and photograph a pine Siskin, common merganser, kestrel and a black throated blue warbler last weekend in addition to getting less than 5.9 ft (minimum focusing distance for my lens at 500mm) away from the ct warbler while he was perched on a branch as opposed to all of my previous glimpses of him deep in the thickets. I'm a Manchester resident and I bird very regularly at laurel marsh after coming home from work and it's wonderful to see so many birders in my backyard. It's a spectacular place year round and the other side of the dump is also a great place for birds despite the awful smell. I'm not so sure that we're supposed to be there but I've gotten some nice orchard oriole and bunting shots there. It's an amazing and diverse habitat and home to tons of great wildlife and I'd love to see more  people there who enjoy the wildlife and keep the trails clean. 

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