[CT Birds] Edgewood Park Sunday Morning

Larry Bausher lpbausher at comcast.net
Sun Oct 7 16:00:20 EDT 2012

 From Larry Bausher:

10/7/12 - New Haven, Edgewood Park, 8:45-11:45 AM.  Edgewood Park was  
littered with bird activity this morning, especially in the bushes  
along the river and around the soccer field adjacent to Edgewood  
Ave.  At times it was impossible to concentrate on one bird.  Many  
individuals went unidentified. Sparrow numbers, mostly Song and White- 
throated, must have been in the hundreds.   35 species, highlights: 4  
warbler species including Pine and Palm, Blue-headed (4) and Red-eyed  
Vireo, Eastern Phoebe (4), Purple Finch (2), Swamp Sparrow, Dark-eyed  
Junco (2), both kinglets.

Larry Bausher
West Haven

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