[CT Birds] Colebrook this morning EVENING GROSBEAK

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Tue Oct 9 11:30:15 EDT 2012

Colebrook this morning was such a change...

I didn't expect to see what was here this morning - complete change from last 
time here.
I think most of what i saw just dropped in this morning.

Just as I got onto the lower rd going north:

Loads and loads of Palm Warblers everywhere.(50?)They were flycatching from the 
bare dead bushes.

Short ways north, i saw this dense cloud of birds in the air crossing the 
reservoir - They were all
Pine Siskin - 200 plus! Never saw so many at once. They joined as many already 
from the weeds. Get ready for more SISKINS to the south of here!

Just North a short ways - saw:
many Yellow-r-warblers,(30+) with some Palms and a few BT Greens.

Seems very little mix and mingle of species today. Most hanging with their own 

Next were a number of White-T-Sparrow, (50?)with some Songs within.

Next  I noticed much Robin calls - they were at the edge of the woods in big 
all eating from Grape and other vine fruits in the trees - (est - 200+)

Just above the woods i saw 10 Raven kettleing up together.

I scanned for peeps, but none - However, across the res were at least 30+ A. 
Pipit, probably more.

I crossed over the Mass line, and picked up many many more Siskin, Goldfinch and 
other stuff - but was jumpin!

On way back, seems most bird were finished eating, and dispersing into the 

Of note - their were few White-t-Sparrow and Junco numbers, so i surmise many 
have pushed further south last night.

Bird of the day was two EVENING GROSBEAK seen flying south west just over the 
Mass line into CT. I am counting them for my CT yearly list though i saw them 
from being in Mass. Does that count?

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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