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Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
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Stop the presses.   After Bill left, Nick Bonomo and I ticked off another 129, including 8 more Bald Eagles.  

So, here's what we've had at New Haven's Lighthouse Point Park (LPP) during our peak season:  Friday (light northerly winds) 280; Saturday (moderate SW winds, with birds down LOW, a LPP record 66 Peregrine Falcon count and not a single buteo) 368; Sunday (light northerly ending in south winds and rain) 255; Monday (light northerly shifting S with rain and a LPP record Bald eagle count of 30) 754; today (beautiful clouds, moderate NE with some am rain) 434.  

'Not to mention the 1-2 Nighthawks, 2-3 Cuckoos, late hummingbirds, 2 Evening Grosbeaks, Western Kingbird, 3-5 YB Sapsuckers, 1, 2 and 3 Common Ravens, 4 Dickcissels,  7 Rusty Blackbirds, and a bat - presumably the migratory Red Bat -  hundreds of YR Warblers, and zillions (is that a word?) Purple Finch, House Finch, American Goldfinch and Pine Siskin.  And, among all these low-flying hawks are the "resident" or "lingerer" hawks such as Merlins, Peregrines, Coopers and Red-shoulders, that hunt low in the Park.  

And, we're beginning to see our visitors and old friends from the hawk watches to the north - they're done for the season.  I've so many memories from the past 4 days down there:  the neurotic juvenile Peregrine glued to a branch, screaming and flapping as an adult male occasionally dove on it.  A pair of Peregrines screaming, one chasing a Jay, the other a finch.  Those ridiculous-looking WB Nuthatches in flight, "kettling" in twos or threes over LPP, also afraid to cross the Harbor.  The swarms of Jays.  A flock of 3 huge, female Cooper's Hawks 8 feet off the ground, zooming past the shoulders of a crowd of watchers.  One Osprey after another, heading west, with a dead bunker, its tail flapping in the Osprey's undercarriage.    

Tomorrow morning is sure to have hawks, before the winds go onshore.  As for Thursday and Friday - more outstanding hawk watching weather.  We just may not get one of those glorious 1000+ (12 hawk species) days this year.  It looks like we will instead have even more 200+ (12 hawk species) days, this week.

Steve Mayo

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Avery unusual day at Lighthouse Point Park today. Thanks to Steve Mayo and Nick Bonomo for the extra sets of eyes and ears. Even thou it was misty and rainy at times, the birds never quit flying. 

Here is a Hawk Summery first:

Black Vulture... 1
Turkey Vulture... 20
Osprey... 38
Northern Harrier... 12
Sharp-Shinned Hawk... 114
Cooper's Hawk... 48
Bald Eagle... 6
American Kestrel... 55
Red-Tailed Hawk... 5
Red-Shouldered Hawk... 1
Broadwing Hawk... 13
Merlin... 1
Peregrine Falcon... 1

Total hawks... 315

Also in the park, migrating through, besides the normal suspects, were the following larger than normal counts:

Canada Goose... 150
House Finch... 200 (probably low in count)
Red_wing Blackbirds... 400
Cedar Waxwing... 1,050
Blue Jay... 320
Pine Sisken... 600  (also probably very low in count, many were in mixed flocks with goldfinches, house finches,
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker... 1
Evening Grosbeak... 1 ( heard first by Nick Bonomo, then Steve and I also got to hear it. Not seen to land)
Cuckoo sp... 1 flew into the trees along main road into park, was not identified.

Bill Banks

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