[CT Birds] What a difference a day makes!

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Thu Oct 11 10:44:41 EDT 2012

What a difference a day makes!

This morning, with the sun up and a strong wind, I decided to go birding  with 
little hope of seeing anything. Went to Bakersville swamp New Hartford - saw 
nothing but 2 Crows harassing 2 Coopers Hawks in the air. Then i went to Niles 
rd. Stopped at the field and saw little to nothing. Then i went into the dirt Rd 
in the woods where the wind was less and the sun was just hitting the tall 
weeds-Sweet Fern and Goldenrod on the sides . Saw movement within the weeds.

First noticed were many Palm Warblers flitting about. Then some Yellow rumps. 
Then as I concentrated within the weeds, I saw:
1 - Blue-headed Vireo
1 - Nashville
1 - ORANGE CROWNED warbler(olive extreme-nice look with yellow undertailcovs and 
streaked sides)
1 - Im MOURNING WARBLER. (Not Ct from yellow throat, but had the slight eye 

What a surprise this was! And yesterday this spot was loaded with Junco and WT 
Sps, but not one today! So these birds dropped in last night I'm sure.

Paul Carrier -Harwinton

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