[CT Birds] Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - Norwalk

Michael Richardson michael_s_richardson at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 11 16:02:57 EDT 2012

For the 2nd day in a row, a bird slammed into my bedroom window.  I couldn't
find the bird yesterday, but today I ran out of the house as soon as I heard
it.  On the ground was a very shocked female yellow-bellied sapsucker.
Seeing that she was still alive, I carefully picked her up in a towel and
brought her indoors where she would be safe and warm.  After about 10
minutes or so, she was up and around and able to fly.  I carefully picked
her up and set her free outdoors where she flew away safely into her
favorite tree.  


I've never had a bird hit my window before, but this one seems rather
determined to get inside.  I don't think she knows about my housecat.  I can
only assume that after hitting the window (hard) two days in a row, that
it's the reinforced skulls of woodpeckers that probably saved her life.
Just glad that I got to her before the neighborhood cats did. 


Michael Richardson



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