[CT Birds] Bakersville Swamp New Hartford and more...

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Sat Oct 13 11:24:37 EDT 2012

Things are now changing day to day. Last night seemed to be a good migration 

Bakersville Swamp New Hartford:

This morning-heavy frost all over - in lower 20f! COLD!
Lots of Sparrows moved in this morning: Many:

Swamp Sparrow
esp Song Sparrow
5 - White-c-Sparrow
2 - Lincoln's Sparrow
1 - Hermit Thrush
most all not here Thursday.

Stub Hollow Rd:
Loads of Song Sparrow at sunny swamp on right.
Also 20 Goldfinch eating from Alder cones - 
No Siskin seen all morning!

Niles Rd:
Loads of Palm Warbler all around - est? 30 plus!
many Song Sparrow
5 - Yellow rump Warbler
1 - BT Blue Warbler
1 - Orange crowned Warbler - same bird seen Thursday
some Junco, Waxwing, Bluebird
down by pond:
4 - Rusty Blackbird - calling
2 Red-b-Nuthatch

Question on Orange c Warbler
This bird is drab olive with streaks showing on breast. Bright yellow under 
the head has much gray in it. Is this a cross from Pacific and Taiga extremes?

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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