[CT Birds] Hamden hotspot?

Sarah Faulkner sffaulkner at comcast.net
Sat Oct 13 18:54:57 EDT 2012

I was at a science teachers' meeting at Hamden Middle School today (off Dixwell Ave), and found what looks like an exceptionally good place to go birding.  It is a large meadow, part of which is not mown, surrounded by a number of cone-bearing trees and others of diverse species, at the back of the school's parking area, east of the school and above the playing fields.  There is a good forested area to the north, and it is maybe 3-4 acres in size, with lots of other undeveloped land around.  Saw tons of songbirds in the morning and afternoon when I was out there -- pine siskins, purple finch, song sparrows, white throated sparrows, bobolink (I think), and several warblers.  I didn't have enough time to watch more, but the place was hopping with birds!

Has anyone tried this place before?

Sarah Faulkner

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