[CT Birds] Glastonbury Big Sit - Lark Sparrow

Bill Asteriades Asterbunch at cox.net
Sat Oct 13 19:45:50 EDT 2012

Andrew Dasinger and I held the Big Sit in Glastonbury today totaling 70 species.

Glastonbury, private property - 375 BRANT flying south seen in 7 groups (unusual inland), late BANK SWALLOW, late CHIMNEY SWIFT, 175 AMERICAN PIPIT, 6 PURPLE FINCHES, 6 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS, 2 LINCOLN'S SPARROWS, 1 CLAY-COLORED SPARROW, 1 LARK SPARROW, 6 PINE SISKIN and 3 EVENING GROSBEAKS (1 seen and 2 calling).

Bill Asteriades 
South Glastonbury, CT 
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