[CT Birds] can't help but mention...

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Sun Oct 14 12:56:29 EDT 2012

    I can't help but mention something that we should understand when we talk 
about subjects
 like - birds hitting windows.
 I commend those who are telling us about their solutions for this problem, I 
being one who can use 

this help myself. But their is also another point to this I feel must be 
mentioned as well.

    Whenever their is a problem created by humans that is detrimental to wild 
creatures, we seem to
always think of it as one that needs human intervention to fix. The truth is - 
we humans are the 

ones who invented and use windows to make our own lives convenient and 
comfortable, and are
 not likely to change our use of glass. 

    In all of nature, their is a balance that is there to make the lives of all 
life be as safe as possible
to survive and prosper. The checks and balances are there as well that keep 
everything in check.
The human race however, has altered so much in nature that can undo this natural 
balance which has
been around for millions of years.  Our human footprint on this earth is now one 
that can alter the
 change and destruction of so many living species than ever before. Human 
Overpopulation, which
 is now totally out of control and is becoming even worse, is the major reason 
for this disruption of 

the natural balances of our living world. 

    When we, the human race, can finally see who is to blame for all these 
changes to life and the
 survival of so many species, (with the possibility of our own demise as well), 
than maybe we can make 

some real changes to help save this living planet we are all so dependent on for 

Native Americans always saw this - why can't we civilized people see this as 

Sorry for being so blunt - Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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