[CT Birds] Allen's Meadow

Annette Cunniffe hummbird77 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 16 22:28:46 EDT 2012

10/16 - From Annette Cunniffe w/Bob Rocco - 4 American Pipits, Indigo Bunting, 3 Vesper, Lincoln's,
 10 Savannah, few Song and White-throated, 2 Swamp, 6-7 immature White-crowned Sparrows, 3
Eastern Phoebes, Common Yellowthroat, Palm, Yellow-rumped Warblers,  Yellow-bellied Sapsucker,
 Hermit Thrush,  Ruby-crowned Kinglet,  Red-shouldered Hawk, Eastern Meadowlark.

Annette Cunniffe


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