[CT Birds] Colebrook Res this morning

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Wed Oct 17 12:51:27 EDT 2012

Went to Colebrook Res this morning from 9 to 10:00. 
Seed eating birds are at their peak at this hour, as the rising sun hits the 
west facing slope of this area.

Nothing great, but the numbers were impressive...

Junco - hundreds
Song Sparrow - hundreds
White-t-Sparrow - many
1 - Lincoln's Sparrow
2 - White-c-Sparrow
5 - Chipping Sparrow
4 - Cardinal - not seen here often
many Palm warbler
50+ Siskin
Goldfinch - more
only other birds seen in wood edge were:
4 - Golden-c-Kinglet and Robins
Good # of B Jays migrating as well.
Also: 1 Bald Eagle feeding on a large fish - 
very high up - a V of 30+  noisy Snow geese headed SW.
Also saw a small kettle of 5 Red-tailed Hawk headed due SSW.

Res waters - dead!

Going over the Mass line, numbers continued in the hundreds, esp Junco.
This area contains enough weed seeds to feed millions of birds!

Duck pond - 

4 Wood Duck. They were seen DIVING for food, staying under for 10 to 15 seconds. 

Ive seen them dunk under to bathe and tip up to feed, but never submerge 

for this long. Anyone else see this behavior before?

Got home and saw 1 White-c-Sparrow at feeder.

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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