[CT Birds] Pine Siskins

Kevindoyle01 kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Thu Oct 18 12:36:42 EDT 2012

New Milford, Ct
Pine siskins arrivred yesterday in great numbers between the titmice,nuthatches and purple finches they empytied the feeder within hours. This morning after being socked in with fog I ventured down to Candlewood Lake to await the clearing though taking longer than I expected the transformation was magical. Arriving home I filled the feeder and was not disappointed with no less than 30 pine siskins either eating or waiting their turn though a few of them more dominant and fought to keep their territory free of intruders. Also 8-10 nuthatches ... 5 male purple finches along numerous titmice and chickadees.Hoping to ses Common Redpoles but so nothing.

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