[CT Birds] Pine Siskins

Pamela Holden pjp.holden at comcast.net
Thu Oct 18 16:26:01 EDT 2012

Between the pine siskins and goldfinches, we are going through seed like
crazy.  Can't seem to keep up!  


On a fun note.  who was it that had a siskin land on his head?  Well,
yesterday my husband & I were standing out on the deck chatting with a
neighbor and siskins were landing all around us.  Just inches from our feet,
drinking from a water bowl, landing very close, not caring if we were there
or not, and yes, one landed on my husband's head.  He stood there with a
silly grin on his face and enjoyed the moment while my neighbor and I were
completely dumbfounded (the dumbfounded part is pretty normal for me).  They
sure are friendly feathered friends!  And also quite pretty, I might add.


Pam Holden


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