[CT Birds] unusually birdy year

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Fri Oct 19 10:08:36 EDT 2012

On this drizzly overcast morning, after breakfast, I looked out at the feeders 
and - Wow what a sight!
I counted on the lawn within a 20 foot radius around the feeder poll- 
over 60 Junco, 12 White-t-Sparrow, 16 Chipping Sparrow and 2 White-crowned 
Then looking out to the back yard, I counted at least 100 more Junco there, with 
Chippers in numbers as well. To the front yard I added another 50 Junco and 20 
plus Chippers. 

My house was surrounded by birds!

I surmised the following: Yesterday, my neighbor mowed with his tractor my 
entire lawn, blowing the grass and leaves into the center, where raking them up 
was easy for taking away. This left my grass lawn short, leafless and naked, and 
so much easier for the birds to find seeds. -Yes?

To me, this fall so far has been the birdiest one for seed eating birds ever! 
The numbers I have counted at Colebrook reservoir plus many other places has 
been way above expected. Can it be that the movement of Sparrows and other 
ground feeding birds has been concentrated more within their usual time of 

Paul Carrier - Harwinton  

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