[CT Birds] saturday wood sandpaper

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Sat Oct 20 18:20:18 EDT 2012

Wood Sandpiper, Marsh Meadows, North Road, Jamestown, RI.

Thanks to all who are posting updates on this special bird.

Wood Sandpiper seen well Saturday Oct 20 from sunrise to @8:45am in shallow pool NE corner of marsh.  It was the only shorebird seen.  Bird would disappear in high grass for short periods, but emerged frequently to walk around the edge of the pool.  Rachel Farrell's directions below are spot on.

A Short-eared owl was an added bonus.

Rubber boots a must as the trail is quite wet.  I am not sure how accessible this spot is at high tide (low tide Saturday was 5:30ish am).

Here are Rachel's directions:

Park at the water treatment plant on North Road. To reach the NW corner of 
the marsh, take the public access path on the left, or south, of the 
chain-link fence at the plant. After a short walk and after a white pipe, 
take the much narrower path to the marsh on your left. Once at the marsh, 
walk right along the marsh edge for about 50 yards. The bird is in and 
around the pools of water in the corner.

To reach the NE corner of Marsh Meadows, park at the water treatment plant. 
Walk across North Road and face east. You'll see a path along the edge of 
the marsh (It's the north edge of the marsh). Travel that path east for 
about 5-10 minutes..You'll see low pools of water. Start checking there. There 
are pools at the end of the path that should also be checked.

Allan Welby
Ridgefield, CT

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