[CT Birds] Albino/Leucistic Robin, Norwalk

sean at seanmurthaart.com sean at seanmurthaart.com
Tue Oct 23 08:59:51 EDT 2012

Checking the feeders first thing this morning, I was shocked to find an all-white bird perched on the birdbath in my front yard in Norwalk.  By structure and size I determined it to be a Robin, but its plumage was entirely white.  Bill and legs were a pale pink/flesh color, but the eyes were dark.  So I'm not sure if "albino" would be an accurate term- though "leucistic" birds I've seen before have always been patchy, and this was entirely white, like an egret.
I took some pictures but I'm not sure how well they turned out...  I'll download them this afternoon and would be happy to share them with anyone who may be interested.
-Sean Murtha, Norwalk


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