[CT Birds] LHPP today.. 10-23-2012

semismart9 at aol.com semismart9 at aol.com
Tue Oct 23 15:01:12 EDT 2012

Only 38 diurnal raptors thru the Park this morning, including 1 more Bald Eagle. 16 Sharp-shins were the large bulk of hawks.

Other birds this morning:

2,500 Red-Wing BB; 1,500 American Robins; 850 Canada Geese; 1 Snow Goose; 740 Common Grackle; 620 Cedar Waxwings; 
275 Pine Siskins; 200 Brown-Headed CB; 80 Eastern Bluebirds; 80 Purple Finches; 1 Eastern Meadowlark; 1 Field Sparrow at the feeders;

Thanks to Sol Satin for the additional help this morning. 
The winds shifted to SSW at about 11:20 AM bird time, and it began to sprinkle by 11:30 AM.

Bill Banks

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