[CT Birds] Hamden Eagles

Mike Horn mfhorn at att.net
Tue Oct 23 18:10:37 EDT 2012

Hi Folks,
The last couple of weeks, eagles have been congragating on State St across the RR tracks from Proto Tires in Hamden at dawn and dusk. This evening Pat and I saw 12 eagles grouped up in one of the back trees - mostly youngsters but a few adults too. The best way to see them all at once is to pull over just north of the "log cabins" (which are just north of the DMV). The most either Pat or I have ever seen in Hamden 'till now has been 4. My best guess is that there is a run of fish in the Quinnipiac that are holding them there. Go see them as they are easy to view at dawn and dusk.
Regards to all,
Mike and Pat Horn

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