[CT Birds] Allen's Meadows - 8 Vesper, Fox Sparrow etc

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Tue Oct 23 20:29:21 EDT 2012

Hi All,

With the watch washed out and an errand to run in Wilton I decided to stop in at Allen's Meadows between 3 and 4pm. The number of White-crowned Sparrows still there was pretty impressive, enough that you could hear them singing the whole time I was there. Down from whatever it was for the COA workshop - seemed like 30 or so that day (Joe, Brian and I at least concluded it was the most we'd seen in one place before in CT) - maybe down to 12 today including just the one adult and a pale lored immature bird that showed no other features that would lead one to assume it was a western type.

The main surprise though was the numbers of Vespers. At the workshop putting 4 down felt conservative as they appeared to be everywhere but the gardens are a small place so we put it down to them just being fairly mobile sparrows. Today however I had 5 together down along the edge of the ballfields which were flushed south by a departing car. As I turned around 3 birds that looked like Vespers flushed from the far end of the parking lot - as I headed towards them I confirmed that they were 3 more. Although I hav had more there before this is still a pretty incredible number for CT I feel - especially when I am certain that there were 8 there - rather than guesstimating from multiple sightings. 

The only other birds of note were my first Fox Sparrow of the season and a Clayish-colored Sparrow. This bird was interesting - the bird was obviously a Chipping but was so pale that I am whether there may have been a degree of leucism - the bird had a reddish brown post ocular line as well as being overall very pale in coloration.

10/23/12 - Greenwich, yard -- Had a visit from the RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD

this morning plus an imm. WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW.

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