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Wed Oct 24 13:42:19 EDT 2012

I can't help but mention here about the numbers of birds that are around my 
yard- and i presume others yards as well, here in CT this fall, especially if 
you have bird feeders. Seems the last week has shown this to be true at this 
site. They seem to be wandering about slowly, seeing new batches here and there, 
and esp at the bird feeders.

In my yard alone today, I am seeing a change all day of birds coming and going.
Such as:

Pine Siskin - 30 plus - past days been as high as 60+
Purple finch - 4 - past days been as high as 20+
White-t-Sparrow - 15 - past days been as high as 30
Junco - 12- past days been as high as 100+
Chipping Sparrow - 10 -past days been as high as 40+
Robin - today - 46 eating from lawn, Poke berry and Sumac.
Plus local Regulars all day, in good #s such as - 

BC Chickadee - 12-15
WB Nuts - 5
Titmice - 8
House Finch - 12
House Sp - 10
M Dove - 12
Goldfinch - 8
all 3 woodpeckers
Blue jay - 5 - empty feeder with 5 lbs of seed by end of day!- most they hide in 
the woods and surely forget where...

Plus visits this week of 2 White-c-Sp, 2 Red-b-Nuts, 1 Fox Sp, 2 Hermit Thrush  
and in trees around the house today - Both Kinglets, Yellow-rump Warbs, and 
other expected birds, plus my share of Gray squirrels, 6 Chipmunks at once, and 
one Black Squirrel who is so friendly I walk right up to it while it is eating 
and fill the feeder!

What a birdy year this has been so far - 
Is it the same out there as well ? Would be interested to hear...

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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