[CT Birds] Fw: Cattle Egret at Hammo

Phil Asprelli aspr82 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 24 19:01:06 EDT 2012

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Subject: Fw: Cattle Egret at Hammo

From: Phil Asprelli with Charley West, Kurt Muenz and John Bird.
We found the Cattle Egret at 9:45am. We then went to the west end of the park. When we returned we could not locate the Egret. 
Also seen: Flyover Sandhill Crane and 200+ Pine Siskins, most were on the ground under the Pine Trees in the West Beach parking lot.

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Subject: Cattle Egret at Hammo

Hi Phil. A picture of the subject bird which we saw today (Oct. 24) can be found at:



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