[CT Birds] geese fly by night, owls by day

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 25 11:52:59 EDT 2012

>From Greg Hanisek
Watertown, L. Winnemaug Road - SHORT-EARED OWL, migrating fairly high, heading steadily SE on a glide with minimal flapping; we occasionally get diurnal migrant Short-ears at Lighthouse Point but this is the first one I've encountered elsewhere.
Also in the L Winnemaug-Sandbank Road area - 9 species of sparrow (minus Chipping) including 16 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS, 1 VESPER SPARROW, 1 FOX SPARROW and one American Tree Sparrow (my first of fall); c 50 AMERICAN PIPITS; one RUSTY BLACKBIRD. Almost everything was in corn stubble

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