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Nick's post inspired me to put out an article on the potential impacts of the coming weather.  On a related note, the GFS, which was the one model holdout for the storm going out to sea, just joined the rest of the models in bringing the storm to the coast.   The remaining questions are strength and exact path.  Some of the models are bringing it in to our south in DelMarVa.  Some of the models are also predicting a storm of nearly unprecedented strength, with a hybrid system with a barometric pressure rivaling the Hurricane of '38.   The main difference between a hybrid system and true tropical system would be the size of the area of impact.  A tropical system tends to be more concentrated in its strongest effects, while a hybrid system would be more widespread and diffuse.   This has potential to impact the bird blow-in factor, as large area of the east coast could see birds that are brought in by the storm. This is already a huge system in terms of area of impact. 

As much as I like a good storm, I'm hoping the worst case scenario does not come to pass, especially since Monday is an astronomical high tide.  On the bright side for birds, over-wash of dune systems could prove to be beneficial to Least Terns and other beach-nesting birds for next season.  

In any case, here is a link to my article, which in turn links to Nick's:


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