[CT Birds] Albino? W-b Nuthatch

twomirers at comcast.net twomirers at comcast.net
Thu Oct 25 14:33:34 EDT 2012

This morning (Thursday, 10/25) at my feeder: An albino or leucistic White-breasted Nuthatch. It did not hang around long enough for me to determine if there was any eye pigment. There is also 1 Red-br Nut at the feeder, but size and shape (OK, “jizz”), indicated White-breasted. All visible feathers were all white. I ran for my camera; now I know why it’s called a long lens. It takes so long to put it on that the bird is gone by the time I’m ready to take a picture. And in spite of a close watch on the feeder with camera at the ready, it of course has not yet reappeared. 
Also: 1 male, 1 female Purple Finch. No Pine Siskins today. I’m good with that; those little piggies empty my tube feeder in one day, creating pain in my wallet (a 40-lb. bag of sunflower hearts is up to $65 at Agway). Pileated Woodpecker has been in and out of the yard. 

Rob Mirer

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