[CT Birds] Migrating in the rain

Greg Hanisek ghanisek at rep-am.com
Thu Oct 25 16:32:39 EDT 2012

I think all of us who hawk-watch at Lighthouse Point have had hawks 
migrating in the rain a few times. I remember once when I was there with 
Bill Banks. We were driven into our cars by the rain, but looking in 
different directions we could see hawks flying. Since we were seeing 
different birds we quickly developed an impromptu set of hand signals to let 
each other know what was going by. Not surprisingly, the species seen under 
such conditions are mainly ones that don't rely heavily on soaring, such as 
falcons, harriers and ospreys.

I'm sure this only happens with a fairly specific set of circumstances, such 
as birds moving through favorable skies that encounter a localized storm and 
just keep going.

Greg Hanisek

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> Hi Greg and Roy
> Yes-the geese I heard did sound more like Snow Geese!
> I too have heard our local geese flying low at night here, but for me, 
> never
> in the rain. I thought the night geese I heard were northern migrants
> because they sounded high, but yes, could have been far off as well.
> But: I would like to know if in fact wild Ducks and Geese DO migrate
> in the rain, esp at night. I believe most all other species of birds 
> abstain
> from migration when the weather they encounter ahead is rain.
> Thanks for the info....Paul Carrier
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