Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 14:39:25 EDT 2012

10/26   Jamestown, RI, Meadow Marsh.
Judy Moore and I drove to see the Wood Sandpiper today.  About 9 other very
friendly birders were there and we all had great views of a very
accomodating bird. Thank you to Katrina & Wes Biggs for letting us use
their scope quickly so we made sure to see it.  Then Judy set up her scope
and we continued having great views.
Wood Sandpiper seen  from 10:30-11:00AM (still there when we left) in marsh
across from Water treatment plant.  Walk across the street, walk the path
around the marsh (muddy but not flooded) to a big rock.  Wood Sandpiper was
foraging in the water, about 20' in front of 8 Great Blue Herons & 1 Great
Judy & I took a short drive to Beaver Tail State Park afterwards-
Seen were song sparrows, house finches, D.C. Cormorants, gulls and with
Judy's scope saw a raft of Common Eiders.
Beautiful day for viewing the Wood Sandpiper - a life bird!
Bev Propen & Judy Moore

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